Prevent snoring for the entire night, anywhere you go.


The wait is over

After 2 years of meticulous testings and rigorous trials, we are delighted to announce that SleepAero™ - your own rechargeable anti snoring device is now available for sale.


The secret behind SleepAero™ are its 2 micro-blower fans housed within the device, allowing efficient flow of air. The device is powered by Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, so that you can prevent snoring for the entire night, anywhere you go.

Enjoy quieter & deeper sleep in just 3 simple steps:

  • Charge SleepAero device for 45 minutes.
  • Insert firmly into nose before sleep.
  • Turn device on and enjoy peaceful and soothing sleep!

Why SleepAero™ Is Right For You

98.32% Success Rate SleepAero™ is Rated as the only effective micro anti-snoring device in the world by US Medical Journal, Tech Insider, Business Weekly and leading publications around the globe.

Comfortable on the nose Specially designed medical grade vents of SleepAero™ create a tight fit inside your nostrils for zero discomfort.

Eliminates Snoring A whooping 98% participants felt immediate relief from snoring after using SleepAero™. Over 90% reported that their snoring was eliminated after using SleepAero™ for more than 5 nights.

Reusable SleepAero™ is powered by a Rechargeable Li-Ion battery - the same type of battery that powers our mobiles. This means you can charge it daily with the USB charger provided and reuse it

Key Features

Superior Quality Materials

SleepAero™ Anti Snoring device is constructed from the highest quality materials on the market. It is tough, durable and rechargeable, unlike imitation devices on the market that are manufactured to be disposable.

Ultra Portable - Bring It Anywhere!

The SleepAero™ micro anti-snoring device is designed for convenience - Hence, It's the perfect solution for air travel due to it's compact size.

Rechargeable and reusable!

SleepAero™ is rechargeable and each full charge allows for 8 hours of usage, ideal for complete and peaceful sleep cycle. You can recharge your SleepAero™ device using Micro USB provided.

Finally An Effective Snoring Solution!

Get a good night's sleep for you AND your partner - No more arguments about the 'chainsaw' sleeping next to them!

Stop Snoring - Be Healthier!

Sleep apnea has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease, metabolic disease, stroke and many other serious ailments. Of course we want to reduce the chances of these disasters occurring, and improving sleep quality is a scientifically-proven method of doing just that.

Here are 4 great reasons to Get SleepAero™ Now!

FREE Yourself From Your clunky CPAP Machine!

Whether you have been using a CPAP machine or considering getting one, we can all agree, it's not fun to use it! SleepAero™ is the best anti snoring solution and we want YOU to benefit from it.

Designed and Engineered in USA

Designed and Engineered by the best scientists across Europe and USA, each SleepAero™ device is made with utmost precision using the finest quality materials sourced from across the world.

100% Hassle Free Returns

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction - Get the item you ordered or get your money back. 100% hassle free Returns if you receive a defective device - How can we be so sure? Because SleepAero™ users swear by how it has changed their life.

Backed By Users

We have a proven track record with over 10 Thousand happy users with over 97.32% of them recommending SleepAero™ to friends and family. But you don't have to take our word for it, see what they are saying about us!


Love it. Seriously I am in love with my Sleepaero. It has reduced my snoring dramatically. I haven't had a problem wearing this at night. I use this every night even while travelling on a flight. I highly recommend this, the quality is fantastic and it ships quickly! Cheers

Phil Mathews

Very Effective! Great for people who have been suffering from snoring their whole lives. I have been using it for a few weeks now with great results. When I first ordered it, I was afraid that it might not do much, but It did! It is compact, small, and fits nicely in the nose. Ordering a second one for my wife who claims not to snore (She does! LOL)

Timothy Clam

The first time I used sleepaero, there was a stark difference in how i felt the next morning! Most products do not deliver on their claims but you can trust them. It has transformed my life. I am 49 years young and my only regret is not finding this little thing earlier!

Karen H

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3x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices (20% OFF - Free Shipping)

3x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices (20% OFF - Free Shipping)

1x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices
1x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices

1x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices

2x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices
2x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices

2x SleepAero Anti-Snore Devices


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